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I’m going to study at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy
… believe it or not!

And believe me, I myself haven’t realized it completely by now although the news is kinda old, the letter arrived on the may 29th. (btw: the same day Germany won the Eurovision Song Contest.)

This time I concentrated directly on the environment assignment and completed a (more or less) straight forward 2.5D matte painting in the 72h time-frame. Since I had to work from home again I had to travel from Dessau to Ludwigsburg 4 times all together … driving 2000km in total which took roughly 18-20 hours (pure fun).

After receiving the assignments and kicking around some ideas on the way back home, I started immediately with scribbles and sketches. With the mental image of a graveyard scene (I wanted to do something like that for some time) the whole project went through the concept, layout and matte painting stage directly into compositing.

Thanks again to everyone who supported me! Special thanks are going out to my mother who acted out a perfect gravedigger in front of my high-end green screen – stage.

Long story short: I made it! Now take a look at the final piece…

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  • boeck says:

    Wow Carl, gerade beim stöbern meiner Lesezeichen deine Seite wieder ausgegraben und find’s echt toll wieder was von dir zu sehen. Super Arbeiten! Bin derzeit bisschen Abseits vom Web im Print und du im Bewegtbild wie man sieht sehr fett! Halt die Ohren steif und bis bald mal wieder 🙂

  • L-rac says:

    Ja hey! Das ist ja schon eine kleine Ewigkeit her … erstaunlich das sich hier überhaupt mal jemand her verirrt 😉 Denke sehr für das Lob ürbigens. Ich mach jetzt schon seit Jahren Sachen für Film und Fernsehen, aber ab Oktober heissts dann erstmal Studieren.
    Beste Grüße und man hört voneinander!

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