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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away …

NO! Friday, the 22.01.2010 in London … The Foundry released the newest version of  Nuke!

The long wait is over and finally all of us (exept the lucky folks on the beta-list) get the chance to play with the new release. Just take a look at the features :

  • complete new roto&paint tool (oh jeah…)
  • Keylight !
  • even more python magic!
  • fully integrated 3d tracker (Nuke X)
  • DepthGenerator and LensDistortion tools
  • FurnaceCore

I get exited just imagining what you people can pull of with this tools at hand!

Long story short: check it out! Head over to The Foundry right away for more infos like the release notes, the download page and a “Why Nuke X?” pdf.

PLUS: the new Nuke examples page. The Foundry surprised all Nukers out there with a whole set of video tutorials ranging the following sections: Basic Workflows, General UI, Python Essentials, Python For Artists and Production Workflows. In total 50 videos and couting (Nuke6 related vids should be available in the next days). That´s a whole new level of Nuke education available for free and for everyone. Kudos to The Foundry …

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