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  • Photoshop CS2
  • custom brushes
  • Wacom Intuos A5Wide
  • Dark Knigt score and 

And here we go with another painting. Big conceptart wrap-up day today.

It’s just called ‘The Path’ for a lack of a better name (very creative, I know) …  but it’s not about the name, isn’t it? I imagined this to be some sort of spider infested forest. Adventurers have to cross this area as part of their quest. Many enter, but only some leave …

Way to much time went into this painting, that´s for sure. I worked sporadically on it, but all the detailing-craziness went on over weeks (probably month when I remember correctly). None the less… it´s finally done. Also it was a nice opportunity to work on some new brushes, especially for the trees.

I hope you like it.

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